Author: TPrewitt

  • A.I. Prompt Engineer

    A.I. Prompt Engineer

    As an AI Prompt Engineer, I am able to design and create prompts which helps the AI to better communicate with human interactions. The context of these communications can be as varied or specific depending upon the project. Feel free to reach out so that I may assist you with your needs.

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  • Working Together

    In the interest of helping your organization grow, I am reaching out to offer my support towards enhancing your custom needs. Whether this is about your brand, your image and/or even your mission, we can find a way. Regardless of the narrative, I am confident that we can find ways to assuage concerns and needs.…

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  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Diversity and Inclusion

    Our world is made up of an assortment of cultures and people. A society, strewn of a rich and varied tapestry of ethnic cultures. In order for us, as individuals, as a community, even a society to prosper, we all benefit from diversity. With a team of diverse individuals hailing from different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures,…

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  • Corona Virus (Covid-19)Updates

    Corona Virus (Covid-19)Updates

    Hello everyone. This content has been added in order to share news and updates in and around Ohio. Please feel free to copy and share this as needed. The content here will be updated as possible. Thanks everyone and be careful! Realizing that not everyone will have access to and/or  the time to keep up…

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  • Maker X 2020

    Maker X 2020

      On Saturday, February 2,2020, we were able to attend the 2020 Maker X Expo.  I was able to meet the interesting Paigesicle, whose art can be found on Instagram at @paigesicle_art . Just before the event ended, I was able to view an exoskeleton created exclusively for cosplay.  As a result, I am now…

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  • Columbus Small Business Agenda

    Columbus Small Business Agenda

    On Wednesday, on 12/18/19, the City of Columbus, hosted the City of Columbus Small Business Agenda Rollout.  Additional information regarding this, can be found at:  The event was held at Root Insurance in Downtown Columbus. During the ‘City of Columbus Small Business Agenda Rollout’, the room contained a sampling of our city.  Each individual…

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  • Maker X 2019

    Maker X 2019

    On Saturday, April 6, 2019, at the Buckeye Building of the Ohio Expo Center (aka State Fairgrounds), 717 E 17th Ave Columbus, OH 43211;Saturday, April 6, 2019 in the Buckeye Building of the Ohio Expo Center (aka State Fairgrounds), 717 E 17th Ave Columbus, OH 43211: the Maker X festival.  I was able to meet…

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  • Maker Hour of Code

    Maker Hour of Code

    Now this event was fun as well.  At the Maker Hour of Code at Franklin University, I was able to take my 2 youngest daughters, and it was a truly memorable experience. There were those who shared and spoke of: -virtual reality – 3D printing – robotics -and programming The fact that I was able to…

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  • PyCon


    One of my favorite languages, Python, in my personal view and experience, is one of my favorites.  When I had first gone to PyCon, I felt like a kid in a candy shop, eager to get a hold of anything and everything that I was not yet aware of.

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  • Ohio LinuxFest

    Ohio LinuxFest

    This is a great meetup of amazing talent and gifted individuals.  When I had first began to go to this, I have had the pleasure of meeting some extremely intelligent people!  And by sharing and listening, many of them have helped me to refine my skill set, and for that, I will always be grateful!

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