Skills and Projects

  • Bug Testing and Regression Testing: Dollars and Sense Financial Planning Game at Franklin University.  At Franklin, as a Web Design Intern, I was able to play the game as a participant and document the use of others playing the game.  I had tools to record and document the process, i.e. heat maps and related, and was then able to report my findings to the team of administrators, faculty, designers and programmers. I too have been able to test and document the direction and use of other digital products and finding opportunities for a possible and alternative use.  Though please know, that these ideas were shared with the team and end users.
  • Data Mining: Regression Analysis was used to find opportunities for different projects at Franklin University.  As a part of the team, I was able to help provide a benchmark for what the standard is supposed to be, based off of department expectations, and test for anomalies.  The objectives of what the app is supposed to do would be made here.
  • Marketing: The following has been used to help bolster various marketing initiatives:
  1. Social Media Marketing (SMM: Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  2. Networking (Community Events…)
  3. News Media
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. Search engine Marketing (SEM)
  6. Content Marketing
  7. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  8. Political Campaigning
  9.  Political Analytics
  • Research and Analytics:  I was able to pull resources and data from different sources, work them into an interactive and dynamic report to provide insights and opportunities.  These results have been presented in a dynamic way that is understandable by both internal and external customers.  This could be in an info-graph, website and/or  combination of both…
  • Technical Writing: The creation and writing of technical documentation for the purpose of navigating games, websites and apps.
  • User Interface Design and Testing: I have been able to work alone and with teams to better incorporate ergonomic design in website and app design layout, interface, buttons.  And the use of heat maps, recording, debriefing and other methods have allowed me to help pull the resources together to provide insights into how the project could be best used.
  • Web Design, Creation and Hosting:  I have been able to obtain the needs of customers and ideas for creating websites, building them and maintaining them for a time.  I too am able to design and create customer portals and content management systems.
  • Sales:  I have been in retail before, related to, though not limited to the sale of:
  1. Paintings and art work, sculptures included
  2. Software
  3. Books
  4. Prescription Eye Glasses and Accessories
  • Medical:  I too have worked in doctors’ offices working on, though not limited to:
  1. Working with and registering patients
  2. Online marketing
  3. Web design and creation of website
  4. And more!
  • Analytics:  I also have a customized analytics platform, similar in function to Google Analytics, though a bit more robust in features and scope of use…
  • AI Prompt Engineer:  As an AI Prompt Engineer, I am able to develop the necessary context to help the AI engine work with the perspective of human understanding and context.  I am a product of several, ethnic cultures, whose existence has subtle, yet distinct nuances that are an important of our society’s fabric both native and abroad. My family is a mixture of various cultures that I have grown up around and still do this day.

    By providing me the opportunity to work with you, I will tailor your messaging to best reflect your vision and voice.

    I bring experience, perspective, and an ongoing understanding of how every culture is both similar yet unique at the same time.

    The use of AI has been bereft of bias and exclusion. That is why we must work together so that I can help to mitigate the bias, and help to provide a better foundation of understanding so that your AI is able to function in a way that is representative of the varied, and specific perspectives in our society.