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  • Working Together

    In the interest of helping your organization grow, I am reaching out to offer my support towards enhancing your custom needs. Whether this is about your brand, your image and/or even your mission, we can find a way. Regardless of the narrative, I am confident that we can find ways to assuage concerns and needs.…

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  • Columbus Small Business Agenda

    Columbus Small Business Agenda

    On Wednesday, on 12/18/19, the City of Columbus, hosted the City of Columbus Small Business Agenda Rollout.  Additional information regarding this, can be found at:  The event was held at Root Insurance in Downtown Columbus. During the ‘City of Columbus Small Business Agenda Rollout’, the room contained a sampling of our city.  Each individual…

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  • Working With You

    Working With You

    Hi, I’m Tony Prewitt. For those of you that do not yet know me, I wanted to take a moment and share aspects of myself to you. I am eager, driven, and in the vernacular, ‘hungry’. Working is an awesome thing and am always eager to help and assist others. Also, please know that I…

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