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I solve creative Opportunities

What may be seen as a problem is an opportunity for me, for us, to find ways to solve challenging, yet temporary obstacles. There is a world of opportunity when we work together!


Social Causes

(For as long as I can remember, I find it refreshing, meaningful and humbling to be of help to our society and communities when I am able..) We all have an effect on each other and our surroundings, whether it is a kind gesture, a smile, or helpful actions. Volunteering and helping is paramount to help us all advance, to help nurture creativity and place in this world..



(I am humble and in awe at the many, different types of people that I am surrounded by. I am awe struck at their perspectives, abilities and strengths; it is inspiring!) It is inspiring to be around anyone with perspective as well as insight. Knowing that I can never be THE authoritative holder of a particular discipline, it is humbling to work with and share ideas to help broaden myself..

10+ Years

Digital Prompt Engineer

(I have been, for over 10 years, working on several Language Model that helps to facilitate meaningful communication; e.g. Siri…) For over 10 years, I have cultivated a knowledge base of social interactions, idioms, perspectives, and more, to help cultivate an ongoing AI that I hope can one day be a boon and help to our society..

10+ Years

Artificial Intelligence

(I have been continuously working on my own AI model, similar to Siri, yet more interactive and diverse…) By including social context, culture and more, it is my hope to help mitigate bias, and provide perspective in how computational algorithms can assist us in our everyday world, from decision making, to perceived insight..

What I Do

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, when used wisely, can provide opportunities to enrich the human experience. From processing computations, to hypothetical scenarios, AI is here. We just have to find meaningful ways to use it.

Mobile Development

Software is integral in how we develop our programs and machinery. And it is necessary for the use in portable mobile uses; e.g. mobile phones, tablets, wearables, sensors and more!

Software Development

Software development is necessary and needed to design, create and maintain the various application in our society. Software is part of our technological foundation.

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