Columbus Small Business Agenda

On Wednesday, on 12/18/19, the City of Columbus, hosted the City of Columbus Small Business Agenda Rollout.  Additional information regarding this, can be found at:

The event was held at Root Insurance in Downtown Columbus.

During the ‘City of Columbus Small Business Agenda Rollout’, the room contained a sampling of our city.  Each individual representing a reflection, an aspect of life and culture within our city, within our society, were present and the event was very interesting.

As notable individuals that were present, included, though was not limited to: Mayor Andrew Ginther, City Council President Shannon Hardin, Mr. Henry Gollatt who is the Small Business Coordinator within the Economic Development Division of the Department of Development, among others.  The event held and shared a common idea. For Columbus and Ohio to truly thrive, we must work together by sharing information and ideas regarding opportunities for emerging and existing businesses. And we too must collaborate and foster an inclusive foundation composed of a social, cultural and economic environment in order to help bolster our city’s ability to sustain itself and compete on a grand stage that we call the world.

This opportunity for reaching out to help emerging and up and coming businesses came about by the City of Columbus asking the public, as well as those that are directly affected; i.e. the community and area businesses.

Information regarding access to capital, resources and networking, while available, has not always been noticed or accessible by those that could use the help with their existing or emerging businesses.

Data and details of this research were also obtained and put together in a report through the work of ‘Next Street’, a firm known for providing data on ‘economic and social opportunities’ within cities and organizations.  More information about Next Street and its abilities can be found here:  I had the opportunity of speaking with Charisse Johnson, CFA.  One of the points that she had made was that “Small business creates 2 of 3 new net jobs”. To me, the idea of this is imperative in our community, our business community to create and provide opportunities for a growing and diverse society.  One of the tenets of Next Street’s tasks has been to coalesce and present data to use in providing opportunities in how our business community can provide services and products to everyone. Ms. Johnson’s colleague, Ms. Lauren, spoke of how ‘creatives’ are not only collaborative, though are often wanting to help solve problems in our society.  Whether this is from the context of business, art, social and/or political impact, they are vested in helping to enhance the quality of life in our community.

Details for this report can be found at:

Henry Gollott, touted, “Many hands make light work” in the interests of “…economic empowerment for all”.  The collective idea being that by being inclusive to everyone, that would help to provide many ways to help Columbus be competitive on the national and global stage.   

And as a community, as individuals, what we do has an impact on the world around us.  We are stewards of this beautiful city and it is our task to do and provide the best not only for ourselves, but for those coming up behind us.  So if you are wanting to grow your business, network, find help, please, I implore, please reach out to the City of Columbus for help and insight.  

Have a great day everyone!



Tony Prewitt and Charisse Conanan Johnson, CFA of Next Street


Tony Prewitt and Columbus City Council President Shannon Hardin