Maker X 2020


On Saturday, February 2,2020, we were able to attend the 2020 Maker X Expo.  I was able to meet the interesting Paigesicle, whose art can be found on Instagram at @paigesicle_art .

Just before the event ended, I was able to view an exoskeleton created exclusively for cosplay.  As a result, I am now pondering as to whether or not, provided I had the time, to create something similar in scope, yet different in style…

And were I to have had my sonic screwdriver, perhaps this photo could have come out different?



And once again, the 501 Legion Ohio Garrison were in attendance, and I am again amazed at the depth and ability inherent in their gift for both fashion and environment.  I could see their work in a movie and/or The Mandalor!