While I am happy to work with you, please see the following.  If a task and/or project relates to one of the following, though not limited to, I will not work on anything pertaining to:

  • conflicts of interest
  • illegal

I also reserve the right to refuse to not do work for any reason.

Privacy, reputation and respect are important.  It is okay that we may not necessarily agree on certain things, as I welcome the differences and opinions!  Everyone has a story and it is not my place to judge, nor to pass judgement.

Slander, libel and anything related to being unprofessional, disrespectful, as well, though not limited to, being unethical will not be tolerated.  I will not share anything related to you without your express and written permission.  This can change depending upon particular instances relating to US law and jurisdiction.

I enjoy what I do and this is more than just a job or a gig, this is a part of my life and I am very passionate about my gifts, my work, and the people I am privileged to work with.

I WILL, in my best attempts, make every effort to forward you to someone or an organization who may be able to assist you if I am for whatever reason not able to provide the needed service(s).

Typically, I have a retainer fee, which is an agreed upon percentage of the total cost, which is paid up front.  The remainder can be spaced out in a way to complement the time table and budget.

Time and effort for any work done can be costly, and like any other work performed, there is a cost in some manner, be it monetary and/ or financial.  Please know that refunds, if any, in part or whole, are at my discretion.

My time, like your time, is very important.  I know my value and am aware of your value.  Please know that I can work with you as far as budgeting is concerned.  I am listening so that I can share possible opportunities in assisting you reach your goals and best tend to your needs.

From my perspective, it is a matter of, ‘How can I best assist you?’.

With that said, I look forward in finding a way in working with you.

Thank you for your time and have a great day!