Working With You

Diversity and Inclusion

Hi, I’m Tony Prewitt. For those of you that do not yet know me, I wanted to take a moment and share aspects of myself to you.

I am eager, driven, and in the vernacular, ‘hungry’. Working is an awesome thing and am always eager to help and assist others.

Also, please know that I too would be happy to provide any support and/or custom needs that you may not yet have brought up and that you may not have yet come across.

I enjoy listening and sharing, as well as collaborating. I find joy learning from other peoples ideas and constructive criticisms.

My work and my word is my legacy. I strive for openness, transparency, and ethical work. As this is a representation of I and my gifts.

Also, please know that if you are able to direct work towards me, out of respect, I will give you, after I am paid, a percentage of the contract and/or a fee for the work itself.  Anything that I did not have before is humbling, though for someone to help and assist, well, then I have to share.  For me, that just feels right.

If this is something of interest to you, please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.

In hopes of collaborating, I hope to hear from you soon.

Have a great day!!!